A Decade That Matters
10 Years Of Makna

Makna is turning 10 years old on the 1st of October 2023.
From the founding of MaknaCreative to MaknaTalks , MaknaCoffee, MakersbyMakna , and MaknaVerse ; this Jakarta-based creative lab has sent shockwaves throughout the Indonesian creative industries and beyond.
That’s not a simple feat to achieve, and it’s only possible because, at their core, Makna operates on a robust and meaningful philosophy:
Anything they create, they #MakeItMatter

This book chronicles Makna ’s journey over the last decade.

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A Decade That Matters
Author’s Bio
Aushaf Widisto is an emerging writer from Indonesia, currently based in Adelaide, Australia. His writing has been featured in numerous publications across the web, both under his real name and pen name Adam Erland. A Decade That Matters is his debut book.
About Makna Group
Makna is a Jakarta based creative lab. focused on cultivating ideas that propel brand growth. Over the course of 10 years, Makna has transformed from a small multidisciplinary creative lab. focusing on bringing solutions to creative needs, and grew into a home that houses a variety of initiatives. Today, MaknaGroup consists of MaknaCreative, MaknaCoffee, MaknaTalks, MakersbyMakna, & MaknaVerse. Built upon the same desire to contribute to the Indonesian creative industry through creative exploration & technology.
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